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Friday, June 09, 2006

Answer to Random Question

You're trapped in well with a goat and a slinky. Describe how you will get out. Thankfully, the well is one of those really old ones that are made up of large stones, and are no longer filled with water. There is an infestation of earthworms, but all things considered the worst aspect is the fact that the goat gives off a miasma very strong and not very pleasant. But, they are valuable animals, so I use the slinky to attach to goat to myself, and climb up the rocks-- which are like a ladder from Hell. Sadly, the slinky is not quite long enough to stretch until I get to the top, so I wedge it into the side as far up as it goes. I finish climbing out--tired and breathless, and search for the goat's owner. I find him, celebrating that the insurance money from his goat was more than his goat was worth. He was upset that I had found his goat, ruining his get-rich-quick scheme. This makes me angry- so I plot. I get a rope, climb back down to the slinky, attach the rope to the slinky, and pull the goat out. I then throw the heartless owner into the well, with his stupid cash. He cried. I'll check in a couple days to see if he made it out.


Blogger kobby, aka Katherine said...

*sigh* He made it out. An old woman taking a walk heard some insane mumblings from within the well. She thought it was demons-- so she threw some stones into the hole. But then curiosity got the better of her, and she saw a man lying at the bottom of the well. She thought she had killed him, until he moaned and tried to do a handstand. She called the police, who got him out. With a ladder.

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