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Friday, May 05, 2006

Time is a tricky thing

I have the unhealthy tendency to do too much of too little, in that I will let the two or three most urgent, but not necessarily the most important, things overshadow all the rest of my life. Take last semester. I worked full time. I went to school full time. I slept. (I am not a nice person when tired. My roommates have learned to send me to bed when I begin to chatter, a sure sign that I am tired.) And in between these important things I attempted to squeeze family, friends, and church, more or less unsuccessfully. And I was tired, emotionally, physically, and at times spiritually. It wasn't until I began to care more about hanging out with people than an extra hour of study that my study time was more effective, and life in general was more enjoyable.

This past week I have been reveling in the freedom that has come with the end of the semester by spending a lot of time with friends. I have loved being spontaneous and doing all sorts of things that I had previously to decline. And I have discovered a very strange fact of life: there are only 24 hours in a day, whether or not school is in session. It has saddened my heart considerably that I have to remember to go to bed at a decent time, work comes whether or not I have stayed out late. And by late I mean 11. I have become an old person before hitting 20.


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