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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Good Sister Days

Yesterday was a good sister day. There are four stipulations to measure a good sister day: 1) We laugh. A lot. 2) We have fun. 3) Someone looks at us like we are crazy. 4) We don't care.

Elizabeth and I most certainly met all the criteria. It all started with apartment hunting, that event of universal delight. We were discussing different options, and wanted to see where they were in Tallahassee. Mapquest is amazing. I signed onto my AIM, and then forgot that I had iniated a conversation. Elizabeth sat down a few minutes later and decided to continue the conversation wit the friend who had then responded. The word "snugglemuffin" was mentioned, to my great embarrassment, though it made me laugh. I decided that Emma (my iBook) was necessary, and I kicked Elizabeth off my account by getting on it through iChat. We were both laughing by this point. And things went downhill, and we began to duel-chat with her boyfriend, with each other, and everything was immensely funny.

Our roommate walked into our room, with a sleepy, quizzical look on her face. (She had been trying to nap.) She asked what was so funny, because she had never heard of a joke that made people laugh for so long or so loud.

Fast forward a few hours:
We had just attended Angela's spring concert, and she was in her very hot black chorus dress that Meagan told her makes her look like Death. (Think Ophelia in Hamlet) We all decide to go to TCBY with my mom, and we laugh. As always. And we met up with some friends. And we laughed at and with them. Again, as always. The other patrons of the before mentioned establishment would shoot covert looks at us. I can imagining them wondering what we were high one. (Nothing!) I was wearing a skirt that makes a full circle, and is very fun to twirl in. Yes, I am still a little girl sometimes. The skirt inspired the end to the evening: impresions of figure skaters as we waltzed out the door. Highly satisfactory.


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