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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Two Interactions

God is amazing. Just thought that I would throw that out there because I am continually in awe of what he does for me and through me. This past week I have had two interactions with people that have made me stop and say, "God, thank you, but what was that?"

Sunday afternoon I had some extra time between lunch with my family and watermark, so I went with my bible and journal to Lake Ella. Started an informal word study on "majesty", and was having some really neat God Time. A lady sat down next to me, and I could tell that she was lonely and wanted to talk. I thought about being annoyed, and then decided against it. We chatted, and as she was getting ready to leave she told me that she had been blessed by me, and that I had been her angel for the day. She gave me a hug, and promised to keep me in her prayers. I don't think that I’ll see her again, but I was humbled that God would use me to encourage someone.

Wednesday I was sitting at a park, eating lunch, and reading a book I have been striving to get through for about two months now, when a lady drives up, gets out and comes up to me. She asked me if we knew each other, which we did not. She then said that as she had been driving by the park she felt God tell her to turn around and come talk to me. And she told me that God said that it would all be all right. That he was in control. And that he loved me. She then got in her car and drove away. I was somewhat stunned. My life is bordering on chaotic, which always puts me on edge, and as she said that God was in control, I felt peace.


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